4G for Business


Mobile broadband connects you to the internet wherever you are, whenever you want, with no hunting for hotspots or tracking down passwords. With one of our clever little mobile MiFi devices you can get superfast 4G on any WiFi enabled gadget.

  • Connect up to 10 devices (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones etc)
  • Perfect for rural areas when broadband is not available
  • Great for Mobile workers and people on the move
  • 4G is 8-10x faster than average internet connection in the UK!

4G For Business

Mobile Broadband isn’t just for people on the move…

Using an ILG 4G router you can connect up to 120 devices on one 4G connection which could potentially enable you to replace your fixed line internet connection! Not only is 4G as fast as having fibre broadband, but you can take with you where ever you go! Mobile Broadband is perfect for mobile/temporary offices or homes as well as poor connectivity areas.
If you struggle to get a good internet connection, 4G for business is ideal for you!

ILG Business can provide you with the most cost-effective mobile broadband on the market. Contact us today for more information on 03332 400800 or email contact@ilgbusiness.co.uk.

Why choose us?

ILG can offer you the fastest mobile internet in 160 cities and towns across the UK, with our competitors offering significantly less coverage.

Biggest and getting bigger

Our 4G network covers over 60% of the population and is growing all the time. We have more masts than any other network, which means great coverage across the UK.

Double speed 4G

While our competitors are launching 4G, we’ve already launched double speed 4G. Tests by independent benchmarking firm RootMetrics show we’re fastest.