About Us

Who we are

ILG Business is a British multinational company headquartered just outside Tunbridge Wells, Kent. We design, develop and sell Business/Sports computer software, also supplying online cloud services and applications for iOS and Android devices.  Our best-known products are the Elite Sports Platform, Mobile Forms and Mobile Device Management.

Launched in 2009 with distinct objectives, to provide businesses with mobilisation solutions for work forces and use niche technology products to enhance business processes. With our extensive experience in the technology industry, ILG Business strives to seek out new business solutions to help contribute to its clients’ success and enable them to remain at the forefront of modern technology.


What we do

ILG business is a B2B technology provider, bringing new digital and mobile products to market. We can strategically enhance your day-to-day processes with our host of business applications. ILG mobile forms solution can transform your business in minutes by taking your current paperwork and replicating this through any mobile device. Not only is this solution cost-efficient, it is also environmentally friendly. Alternatively, ILG can provide you with the perfect Mobile Device Management solution, which allows you to centrally manage, monitor and secure your business and personal devices. ILG supply a wide range of solutions, which are used by many FTSE 100 clients.

In addition to this, ILG developed the ILG Elite Sports Platform for many National and International sports teams who want to be at the forefront of performance analysis and communications technology.  With unique and innovative features, the ILG Elite Sports Platform is a secure and easy way for coaches to improve sports performance with their athletes.


Why choose us

By partnering with experts in the sporting world, ILG Business can provide the best solution to meet and exceed the requirements of any sports team. Steve Backley OBE, Calvin Morriss and other world renowned performance analysts, work closely with our development team providing an invaluable insight into the sporting world.

Our comprehensive sports performance and analysis app is currently used by professional sports clubs around the globe.
A major component of the Elite Sports Platform is ILG Pro Review an advanced video analysis tool for those professional sports teams wanting to develop and enhance player’s performance.

ILG Business are an innovative and creative company that can offer you the complete package to mobilise your business and strategically improve your business processes. Technology is rapidly growing and changing the way we work, so we are constantly updating and developing our ideas to remain ahead of our competitors.


Our mission

“Our mission is to provide first class service to all our clients, making business mobilisation simple. Our experienced team strives to provide extensive support and guidance to enhance your business processes and ensure your competitors are left behind. ILG Business will ensure your business is ahead of all your competitors in the future.”