ILG Business is a B2B technology provider, bringing new digital and mobile products to market. We can strategically enhance your day-to-day processes with our host of business applications.

ILG Sports

The ILG Elite Sports Platform, for sports teams who want to be at the forefront of performance analysis and communications technology. With unique and innovative features, the ILG Elite Sports Platform app is a secure and easy way for coaches to improve sports performance and communicate with their athletes.

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Messages and Notifications can be sent to any other user using the platform, to build and maintain strong communication within your team. These can be sent directly to one person or to a group. Messages and notifications can include; just text, images, video, or even documents.

Each player and coach has their own unique login credentials to access the platform. These credentials are automatically sent out when the user is created onto the system. The password can be changed once logged in for the first time. Coaches can have access to change and modify these credentials if required.

ILG Forms

ILG Forms is a Business Application Platform to Call Your Own. Create a complex line of business apps with menus, data capture forms, and mapping, all without needing software development. Leverage native device features to capture GPS and map locations, photos, audio, video, and more.


Drag 'n Drop Builder

Capture Data

Create complex line of business apps with menus, dashboards, enquiries, data capture forms and mapping, all without needing software developers.

Leverage native device features to capture GPS and map locations, photos, audio, video, barcodes, NFC tags, signatures, and annotations.


The ProntoForms mobile solution makes it easy for remote workers to collect data using mobile forms for business app, access company data in the field that can be used to populate offline or online mobile forms, and automatically share the results with back-office systems, cloud services, and people.


Low-code development

Rapid deployment

ProntoForms® is a field-focused low code platform, recognized in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise LCAP

It’s super easy to take a DIY approach to creating and deploying mobile apps and forms with ProntoForms. We’ve developed more materials than you can shake a stick at to get up to speed, at your own pace.

IBM MaaS360

ILG Business are proud to be an IBM Business Partner and have been for many years specialising in their MaaS360 with Watson solution. With many years of experience and fully trained operatives, we are well equipped in getting your infrastructure secure.


One MDM solution

Bring Your Own Device

Manage the most popular device types and operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome OS and Windows 10 — all from a single mobile device management platform.

With a properly managed BYOD program you empower your workers to be more mobile and flexible in how they work. You can see increased productivity, better security, cost reductions and improved employee trust.