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– ILG were the 1st Prontoforms distributer in the UK
– We hold events at Apple throughout the year
– Build unlimited custom mobile forms and dispatch them to smartphone and tablet users in the field.
– Receive data back, connect it to cloud services and generate powerful reports!
– Significant cost savings guaranteed
– Works on (almost) any device and operating system, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or on a Web browser.


Mobile Form App Features


Dispatch work orders to individual workers or work teams in the field via the Web Portal Interface and avoid wasted trips back to the office.

Geo-Stamp Location

Quick and simple location verification using geo-stamps. Confirm the location of job sites, customer visits, and work performed.

Signature Capture

Get authorisation via signature capture right on your device using the touch screen.

Barcode Scanning

Scan bar codes from the device and embed them into forms.

Picture Capture

Add a picture to your form to provide a real image of inspections, audits and verifications.


Perform calculations on form inputs and quotes.

Voice to Text

Dictate text right into the form using your device’s voice-to-text-capabilities (available on Android & iOS only)

Sketch Pad

You can sketch on a blank-canvas, pre-loaded image or device image. All sketches are integrated into the mobile form.

Skip logic

Create sophisticated forms that can take specific paths, depending on answers to different field selections.

Cloud Service Connectivity

Store, Manage and Share data collected from the field to cloud services including: SharePoint, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Cloud Print, Evernote and Because support of all these services are intergraded in to ProntoForms it means they are straight forward and easy to setup.

Input Controls

Dropdown lists, text boxes, email addresses and urls, are available to control how you input data into your forms. Fields can have text, numeric or custom validation rules, as well as quick select features, such as radio buttons, multi-selects and true/false options.

External Data Sources

Speed up your forms by embedding real information in look-up tables to retrieve the latest customer information, schedules, parts numbers and pricing.

REST API Integration

The REST API allows developers to integrate their back-end systems with our form product. Using the API to update data sources, manage user accounts and transfer information from submitted forms. It can use standard HTTP request methods over SSL and XML and JSON data formats.

GDPR Compliant

ILG Forms is also fully GDPR compliant. To find out more, click HERE.

Integrate with Connectors

Powerful functionality wrapped in a simple, easy to use platform

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