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We believe in providing tools and processes to all types of businesses and teams to boost productivity and success. From simple forms to full communication and training platforms.

Flexible solutions
Stop putting up with pre-built solutions. We can create custom solutions for all workflows and industries.
Smart quotes
Know what you are paying for. No hidden fees. No overpromises. Solutions suitable for your needs.
Fully customizable
Customize all aspects of your solution. Easily configurable services with some additional add-ons.
Receive full support on all our services. We have a solution and training package for you.
The ProntoForms mobile solution makes it easy for remote workers to collect data using mobile forms for business app, access company data in the field that can be used to populate offline or online mobile forms, and automatically share the results with back-office systems, cloud services, and people.

About ILG Business

We design, develop and sell Business/Sports computer software, also supplying online cloud services and applications for iOS and Android devices.With our extensive experience in the technology industry, we strive to seek out new business solutions to help contribute to business success and enable them to remain at the forefront of modern technology.


ProntoForms mobile solution makes it easy for remote workers to collect data using a mobile forms app.

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ILG Forms

Create data-driven apps to replace paper-based work activities. Mobile & Desktop, no coding required.

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ILG Energy

We have the expertise in all areas of energy management including purchasing, environmental solutions, renewable energy solutions, engineering and auditing of energy and utilities markets.

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ILG Sports

Transform your team's performance and communication with our dedicated sports platform.

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Get in touch with our team of experts by calling 03332 400800 or use the form on our contact page to leave us a message.