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Apps Meet Industrial Grade

Create solutions that fit your business. No code needed.

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Build Your Own Apps & Forms

With our intuitive Drag-n-Drop interface, you’ll be able to create worker-facing forms to make the lives of your field, site and office teams easier.

You can even grab apps from our examples catalogue – featuring over 100 apps – to edit to your unique needs. You’ll even be able to utilize our powerful task management system and automate large parts of your workflows.

There are many powerful fields at your disposal, including…

  • Text & choice fields
  • Time & date fields
  • Signature capture fields
  • Photo & video fields
  • NFC & even custom formula fields

Distribute & Succeed

Once published, your employees can access these apps from anywhere, anytime – provided they have a mobile phone capable of running apps.

They can open and fill out apps and forms worldwide, with or without an internet connection. Our offline capability saves the data locally and pushes it back to secure cloud storage as soon as a connection becomes available.

Watch as your paper pains melt away and your company marches confidently into a new digital age.

Built For Real World Work

ILG Forms is an advanced no-code app builder for businesses that are serious about using the right tools for the job.

Data capture forms for the field is a cornerstone of our offering, however we also provide enterprise grade features like single sign-on (SSO), remote task management, on-premise hosting options and ability to work completely offline.

Whether you’re sick of paper bogging down your business, or your current provider’s limitations are giving you greys, you’re in the right place now.

No-Code Drag-n-Drop UI

Build your own custom apps from scratch with a clean & powerful drag-and-drop interface.

A Range Of Adaptable Fields

Choose from 23 different fields, all fully customizable to suit your requirements.

Purpose-Built Example Apps

Hundreds of purpose-built example apps to learn from or edit to your preferences.

Easy, Transparent Management

See asset maps, manage connectors, users & more all from a single powerful backend web app.

Integrations With Popular Software & More

Our Connectors will help you link up with tools like PowerBI, Email, Salesforce and many others. For everything else, however, we have a REST API that’s capable of linking to any web service with an exposed API. This means you can integrate your business with your entire tool stack without building APIs from scratch.

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